Create or destroy

There are only two things you can do to leave a trace beyond your own lifespan, to become “immortal”.

One is to create, like Dawid Bowie, whose music goes on existing, no matter if he is still here or not. Creations change the way we experience, and deal with, the world.

The other is to destroy – like any ruler who has ever entered into a war. Destruction lasts long after the original initiator is gone. It changes the shape of the world, often for centuries to come.

In my option, destruction is much, much easier to do than creation. It’s almost an organizational feat: find an enemy, organize forces against him, set up your armory, and off you go. It doesn’t really take courage (or any emotion),. It can easily be done with a calculating, cool head (although it might be more exciting if your are really fired up).

Creation, on the other hand, requires some sort of readiness to show yourself to the world. It expresses who you are, and it’s always scary to show yourself to the world. Creation takes courage. Destruction doesn’t.

Which is why, as Renè Brown writes in “Daring greatly”, creation will always attract criticism, cynicism, and often hostility. No matter how good (or bad) it is. This comes from all those who look on and judge, but who know in their hearts that they are too frightened to create something themselves. This makes them vulnerable, and angry, because anger is great to hide vulnerability from the world.

So, do you want to leave a trace in this world?

And if yes, what are you going to choose? The insecure, messy, scary path of creation with absolutely no guarantee of success or even recognition, and a very high likelihood of a solid bashing from at least one person?

(I was amazed to see that The Queens’s live performance of Bohemian Rhapsody got 226K likes on youtube, and 7K dislikes. WTF?? If you don’t like the band, or the song, don’t listen to it. But what’s not to like about this crazy humongous super strange wonder of this modern classical song, and performed LIVE? Damn bloody hard, I’d say. Deserves applause just for the fantastic sparkling creativity and discipline and wholeheartedness, doesn’t it?)

See? Even the Queen get it wrong for some people. With this in mind: just go for it! And never mind the critics.