Leadership Communication
finding the right words


management consulting

change management (generational, external changes or changing from the inside out), reflecting talks, mentoring and development


of workshops, difficult conversations and conflict resolution

copywriting / concept

finding the right words to express what you want to say (english/german), translations

brand development

where everything begins, easy to do with my very own “brand essence process” (quickest branding process ever)

corporate communications

selecting partners, creative brief, quality control, long-term strategic communication

work with me

on individual projects

for leadership mentoring and coaching

for daily tasks in corporate communications in small/medium sized companies

„Whenever you annoy me,
I know I have to start thinking.
I love that.“

(from a client’s email)

“I share that view a hundred per cent. I couldn’t quite find the words, it was just a sense of something being off. Now it’s totally clear. Thank you!”

(from a client’s email)

About me

  • Master of social and business communications, Universität der Künste, Berlin

  • Certified business coach, FU Berlin

  • Various additional qualifications and coaching tools, like Human Design, EFT and others

  • Over 25 years experience in advertising, marketing and design for clients of all sizes nationally and internationally

  • Facilitator and speaker for workshops, events, conflict resolution, radio formats and podcasts.


My motto is: “CREATE!“

The best communication expresses exactly what you want to say. In words and images. Internally and externally. Towards the environment and the people working with you. Strategic communication is by your side long-term and adapts to your goals without losing sight of reality or your authentic identity.

Sustainable, effective and valuable solutions bring a sense of calm to your daily life.  They enable better decisions that can be made faster, and they are viable long-term.

And this is what it takes:

1. Be worth it. 2. Take the time. 3. Treat yourself to the right support.

Let’s talk about it!

Frequently asked questions

Do you have a special way of working? What is the advantage?2024-04-25T14:56:27+02:00

I work conceptually. That means: instead of looking at hundreds of details in different areas, we start at the top. Identity, direction, measures. Taking some time to think things through before acting saves an incredible amount of time and makes good decisions easy to make. Feel free to contact me so I can tell you more about the methods I implement.

How can I be sure that what we talk about stays between us?2024-04-25T15:01:27+02:00

I am a licensed coach and recruiter. None of these jobs can be done without discretion. However, using the learnings of different clients in similar situations enables all of us to learn from one another. Of course all of that stays absolutely anonymous. Nonetheless, new connections can emerge because of the shared difficulties that leaders and owners can experience – to the benefit of all those involved.

Can you help me think?2024-04-25T15:03:39+02:00

Absolutely. That is often exactly what I do. Most of all, I can help you find access to new thoughts and ideas that lead to constructive and practical solutions. Sometimes it is enough to share what is going on inside your mind. Solutions can appear out of the blue. Contact me to find out how to move from overthinking or blanking out to “flow” thinking and solutions.

How do I get out of constant overtaxing?2024-04-25T15:06:46+02:00

Through better planning and a strategic approach. The stress points in your life often have the same root and can be addressed together, simplified and put in to a structure that is easy to work with. Easy to see from the outside, sometimes even glaringly obvious. I would be pleased to help you establish those new routines in your life.

How do I become attractive for new employees?2024-04-25T15:10:02+02:00

Through authenticity, good communication and a culture of appreciation – of your own work and your company. If you are proud of your work in the evening, if you work well together, this creates an automatic attraction for those on the outside. Please contact me if you want to find out what makes your company special and attractive to new co-workers.

How do I integrate long-term useful processes like branding or certifications into the daily workday?2024-04-25T15:13:00+02:00

By taking one step at a time and committing to seeing it through. Nothing will get done without a deadline. Sounds good, right? In practice this means something different for everybody. Let us find out together, how you can establish long-term change for the better in your company.

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